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At the founding of our great nation, large old growth trees, such as the long leaf heart pine, were an abundant resource found in the vast virgin timberlands of our original colonies.  With maturity taking 300 to 500 years, these old growth trees were a necessary resource providing strength and longevity when used in building projects across our expanding nation.  Many long leaf forests were totally decimated as the nation continued to expand and grow following the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Finally, towards the turn of the 19th century, steel became widely available for building projects across the country in most part thanks to the Scottish American industrialist Andrew Carnegie.  Today, long leaf pine trees can be found in private and public timberland forest, however, the trees have not reached their full maturity, and would require another several hundred years to match the forest lands of our founding ancestors. Evolutia's beams are salvaged from old buildings constructed across the United States. Our reclaimed beams offer unique characteristics and exceptional beauty providing a rare physical glimpse into our nation’s history.  We cherish the opportunity to extend the life-cycle of this wonderfully mature resource.
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