Our Process

Our process at Evolutia begins with dilapidated structures marked as ‘unusable’ like an older barn or building, and solid wood waste streams such as pallet and shipping crates. From these structures and waste streams, our reclaimed wood materials are sent for inspection, documentation, cleaning, and inventory at our warehouse located in Birmingham, Alabama. Our extensive reclaimed wood inventory is in constant rotation and always changing, however all of our reclaimed wood materials provide a uniquely distinct appearance that is difficult to imitate with new lumber. We at Evolutia feel the history, unique characteristics, and durability are our hallmarks to success in the reclaimed wood marketplace. Our finished products offer all the key features found in reclaimed wood, and are processed from inventory to finished product in our facility. It is necessary that we process our materials from start to finish to ensure the integrity and preservation of materials is absolute for our customer and end user. We at Evolutia pride ourselves on bringing excellent quality materials back into service and extending the life cycle of this limited resource for many years to come.