About Us

Evolutia is a small family run business capitalized by blood sweat and tears. Evolutia has reclaimed, repurposed, and transformed materials for over 15 years. We started seeking a sustainable path for historic buildings, mills, barns and homes many years ago. Caring for our community and environment, creating success through profits and growth, and captivating our customers is the common goal resonating within our company. In our view, adhering to a responsible cause is one of the foremost business models to successfully guide companies well into the 21st century. Our mission is to continue expanding our business into all areas of green sustainable growth. We will do so through our historical deconstruction projects and our transformation of reclaimed materials into new products such as flooring, beams, skins, mantles, crafting/diy materials, custom stair treads, and specialty millwork. At Evolutia, we transform "forgotten history" into a new creation with a new function. We do these through The Art of Transformation. Come see what we are all about!