Latest Projects

Choosing Authenticity

We are all faced with so many options today, & sometimes the overwhelming market can make it difficult to make a decision. With so many new innovations and options to choose from when selecting building materials, how does one decide what to choose?

Coyote Drive-In Leeds

Construction: Prier Construction

Materials Used: Evolutia Reclaimed Skins and Tin

Custom Residence- Mt. Brook, AL

Construction: Cotton Construction

Materials Used: Evolutia Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring, Rough Sawn Barn Beams, and Rough Sawn Mantle

Avondale Brewery

Materials Used: Evolutia Reclaimed Skins and Blanks

Grand Bohemian Hotel

Construction by:  Robins and Morton

Material used: Evolutia Reclaimed Doug Fir.

Custom Residence: Vestavia Hills, AL

Construction by:  Cotton Gin Provisions

Material used: Evolutia Reclaimed Wood Skins, and various Reclaimed Blanks to build furniture throughout the home.

Why Reclaimed Wooden Tables are Sexy

Maybe it’s the story that lies within each piece of wood that is used or maybe it’s the natural character each piece displays in its saw marks and wood grain, but tables built from reclaimed wood is becoming more and more popular in the hottest trends when furnishing your home or office. The wonderful thing about tables that are built from reclaimed wood is the fact that the material alone adds beautiful character without even having to apply a colored stain or a faux finish.

Mobley and Sons-Birmingham, AL- Commercial Retail Space

Material Used: Evolutia Reclaimed Oak Flooring.