Wire Brush: What You Need To Know

Wire Brush

What does wire brushing mean? It is a process that can be applied to any of our products, although there are certain types of wood on which it shines. It is simply the process of brushing the wood with a wire brush head made from varying gauges of bristles.

We have machinery that we use to wire brush materials based on the size and quantity of product. An order for 400sqft of paneling requires a big machine with a five-foot-long wire brush head, but for almost everything else, we use a hand wire brush. The hand wire brush can be done with a dedicated wire brush power-tool, an angle grinder with a wire brush head, or an actual brush with wire bristles.

Below is before and after wire brushing a piece of pine joist.

Note that it is possible to wire brush something too much. Wire brushing removes the pulp wood in between the wood grain. This cleans the surface of the material, and brings out the grain in the wood. The right amount of wire brushing raises the grain but leaves the patina intact.

Wood with the original patina is the best material for wire brushing. Not only is the patina cleaned up and the dust knocked off, but the grain pops through the patina and adds more character. The wire brush will make circle saw marks stand out as well.

Wire brushing functions both usefully and aesthetically and is a valuable finishing touch to reclaimed wood products.