Why Reclaimed Wooden Tables are Sexy

Maybe it’s the story that lies within each piece of wood that is used or maybe it’s the natural character each piece displays in its saw marks and wood grain, but tables built from reclaimed wood is becoming more and more popular in the hottest trends when furnishing your home or office. The wonderful thing about tables that are built from reclaimed wood is the fact that the material alone adds beautiful character without even having to apply a colored stain or a faux finish. Most reclaimed woods are very sturdy and consist of tight rings in the wood grain which signifies the wood’s strength as a building material. Typically, the more tight rings, the better as it means it is an older tree which in turn means stronger wood. Reclaimed wood is usually much stronger than wood sourced by man-grown trees due to the fact man-grown trees are not given a long period of time to grow and mature, whereas most of the reclaimed  wood was sourced by old growth trees at the time they were cut when such trees were more available to be used. To protect the older trees and to conserve natural forests, we have adapted to growing trees sustainably to provide wood – but the durability and strength of these younglings are hard to compare to the strength of old growth wood. It isn’t that the wood is bad from the man-grown trees, but typically the wood is considered a bit weaker since the tree did not mature to its full potential, but serves as an alternative especially for certain types of wood that may be more rare to find.

Besides that, one can feel good about using reclaimed wood as it also helps to decrease the “waste” that goes into the landfills and gives us the opportunity to preserve the natural resources we have now. Is it not more sustainable to just reuse resources we currently have rather than cutting more trees? Whether it’s natural or man-grown trees, why not conserve the current natural living resources when there is an abundance of quality reclaimed wood?

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