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Rustic White Oak

We believe that flooring is the centerpiece of any home, office, or retail space.  Each board brings unique character into your space with its own piece of history to display.  Our reclaimed white oak is a popular selection with grain characteristics that offer a wide variety of staining options.  Reclaimed white oak flooring is produced by re-sawing beams and decking salvaged from old barns and buildings.  In addition, we reclaim oak decking boards salvaged from the shipping industry that would otherwise be sent to a landfill for waste removal.  These decking boards, like all other reclaimed materials, must first be de-nailed and cleared of all metal for sawing.  Next, we re-saw the boards into planks for kiln drying.  After drying, we can process our salvaged material into flooring where finally it can be ready for install into your home or project.