Mill Histories


The Springs Mill, located in Lancaster, South Carolina, was once touted as the "world's largest cotton mill under one roof" with about 5,000 employees who produced 4 million yards of cloth per week. At one time, more than 7,000 looms ran full blast in the plant's 13 spinning rooms.

The two-story, century-old cotton mill, which sits on 30-plus acres, shut down in September 2003 after the company determined it was obsolete and its design too inefficient to modernize. Evolutia dismantled the mill and gave the city of Lancaster two worn-down stoops where mill hands used to sit in front of the plant before the start of their shifts and sharpen their knives.


Mt. Vernon Mill is located in Tallassee, Alabama. We have lumber and brick available from this Historic Mill. The early years of Mount Vernon provided at least one interesting historical footnote. Fabrics made by the company's mill in Baltimore were sewn into tents used by the Union Army in the Civil War. At the same time, the Tallassee, Alabama facility, which became part of Mount Vernon in 1900, produced cloth for uniforms and carbine rifles for the Confederate Army.

Cawthorn Mill

The Cawthon Mill is located in Selma, AL and was most recently used by Altadis tobacco company as a rolling and packaging facility.  It is a  ‘traditional’ textile-mill facility, the building has exterior brick on all four sides and 20’ to 30’ antique heart pine beams and decking timber.  The dense ‘old growth’ timber is some of the best #1 grade heart pine we’ve ever seen! 

West Alabama Stock Yard

The West Alabama Stockyards in Eutaw, AL. is one of our current projects.  Our careful dismantling of the Stockyards will yield 100,000+ board feet of circular sawn 8/4” oak.  The structure of the facility is similar to a ‘pole’ barn design with hundreds of corrals where cattle and livestock were stored before being sold to the highest bidder on the auction block.  We will salvage almost 100% of the wood boards and poles, as well as, several thousand sqaure feet of rustic tin and many antique/vintage lighting fixtures.  


General Elmore's Home

This home was located in Elmore, AL. We reclaimed beautiful antique heart pine from this home. General Elmore was an American military officer & politician. He served in the Virginia Line under Nathanial Greene. Elmore was with Greene on his tour through the Carolinas & was present at the Surrender of Cornwalls at Yorktown. In 1819, he moved to Autauga, AL where he was elected as a state legislator. Autuga was renamed to Elmore County in his honor.



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