During this unstable economy we know the importance of supporting local business. We hope to be able to help grow our economy with new sustainable projects, products, and developments. Our reclaimed resources were made in America over the last 200 years and now they are being re-made in America through the Art of Transformation.

Like our products, Evolutia had grown and evolved over the past 11 years to better serve our environment and our economy. We have had deconstruction projects all over the southeast and have used what would have become industrial waste to create unique home interiors, furniture, and art.

Since 2003, Evolutia has always been dedicated to high quality services, superior production, and the betterment of our economy.

Over the past ten years, we focused Evolutia on providing homeowners, builders, designers, and architects with sustainable building products in the form of hardwood flooring, brick, stone, beams, and timberwork, but we don't stop there. We also take the reclaimed materials to our designers who give these historical pieces new life in the form of cabinetry, furniture, art, and more.