Evolutia has reclaimed, repurposed, and transformed materials for over 10 years. We started seeking a sustainable path for historic buildings, mills, barns and homes. Our products and services include flooring, beams, brick, objects, furniture, cabinets, art, and design.

Evolutia has undertaken several reclamation projects ranging from textile mills in the Carolinas to a cigar factory in Selma, Alabama (all being built in the late 1800s.) We have reclaimed material from mills, factories, warehouses, and barns from the Southeast to the Midwest United States. We have a specialized process in deconstruction allowing us to salvage and reclaim a very high yield of materials for shipment to our warehousing and mill working operations.

Our properties of historic buildings and mills have allowed us to acquire and inventory millions of board feet of reclaimed wood, as well as, the sustainable act to help conserve natural resources and reusing resources that account for tons of unique objects, metals, wood and other materials for re-purposing and transforming.



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